• Busey Photography

    Busey Photography

    We are birders on trail. We birded in AZ, CO, IL, NE and UT, but California is our current home. We share info of wonderful birding trails to our readers.

  • Phil Chacko

    Phil Chacko

    XR authoring @unity3d | Founded @Feather_Fab | Formerly @Netflix

  • Avi Amon

    Avi Amon

    composer, creator, outdoor enthusiast, and friendship practitioner. also, I will give you a haircut.

  • Rachel Coleman

    Rachel Coleman

    Traveling engineer and Ohio State alumnus from Pittsburgh. Ask me how lucky I am; I need reminded if you need company.

  • Sam Ritchie

    Sam Ritchie

    Running, climbing, 日本語… ML engineer @ Stripe.

  • Zach Zimmerman

    Zach Zimmerman

    Comedian & Writer. Words in The New Yorker, McSweeney’s, Popula, The Huffington Post and disorganized Google Docs

  • NewMusicalTheatre.com


    Once upon a time, MT fans braved the wilds of the internet to find sheet music by new musical theater writers. Once upon a time is no more.

  • Daniel Lawson

    Daniel Lawson

    This shocking gay will save you thousands on car insurance.

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