A Calendar Reform Proposal

The Enduring Triumph in Turmoil of Red Velvet’s “Psycho”

I Walk Now in the Light of Red Velvet’s Layered Masterpiece

Find out if you’re a daughter of Arendelle on a quest of self-discovery to the heart of a sacred glacier by answering these simple questions!

Spoiler alert, I guess? But also, does it matter?

white cat dancing, arms outstretched

Your Latest Official Tiering of Every Taylor Swift Song

Taylor Swift looks coyly aside before a neutral background, wearing a fringey denim top with star patches

Like Thanos, I Am the Only One Willing to Face Hard Truths

(Only the Ones I’ve Seen; Don’t @ Me)

  1. Christmas movies!
  2. An opportunity to arbitrarily sort things by quality!

Your Burning Birding Questions Answered by a Total Non-Expert

A Deeply Scientific and Utterly Necessary Survey

Brandon Michael Lowden

musical theater writer • mostly songs about robots

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